Hey Singers! Whip them Vocals into Shape.

Every day has new challenges for the practicing musician.  Sickness, a late night, emotional distress, too much homework, or friendly distractions all have different effects on the voice and it is a good idea to have tools to get focused. I find that guided practice helps to steer my mind in the right direction and stay on track.Warming up the voice on a regular basis helps tend to these challenges.That is why I have compiled a playlist of all my favorite vocal warmups from YouTube. I have arranged them in an order that will gradually warm the voice.

Of course, every voice is unique.  You will want to gauge the amount of time based on how your feeling and your skill level. You should try to stay as relaxed as possible throughout the warmups and if there is any strain, especially in the neck and shoulders, just stop. Maybe even return to the lighter warmups.

Singers of all levels can enjoy these warmups. If there are any questions about techniques, I would be happy to guide you.  There is a lot to singing and each of these warmups has important things to be aware of (Most of the videos have helpful hints).

Oh yeah, don’t worry if you sound bad, don’t like the person in the video or look funny while doing these.  It all helps in the end. The Support that you will be built helps in all styles of singing.Warming up the voice sets up your breathing muscles to take pressure off the vocal chords helping the voice stay consistent over the span of your range. A good, deep, relaxed inhalation that expands the lower abdomen is a good start.

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My name is Chase LaRue, I have been playing the guitar in live and studio settings for 13 years. I also have a bachelors degree in music from Humboldt State University. With the knowledge I have, I would love to work with students of all levels. My experience includes: multiple styles on electric and acoustic, picking and finger-picking techniques, reading music, recording, live and studio sound engineering, rehearsal techniques, band developing skills, and music theory. I have a firm grasp of what is expected of young musicians in school music programs and would be a great supplement for these programs. Curriculum is flexible based on skill level and individual needs.

Please feel free to explore my ever-developing website and send an email to chaselaruearts@gmail.com

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